Sherry Bryant

Animal Artist

watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, gicleé prints & notecards






10 AM-4 PM


As many of you know, professional painter and mixed media artist Sherry Bryant passed away on December 13, 2015.

I’m her husband, and devastated by her loss. I’m trying to cope as best I can, and have finally decided to sell Sherry’s materials, supplies, studio furniture and art work.

Sherry Bryant

A few weeks before her death, Sherry had stocked up on paper, paint and other supplies, as the chemo for her Stage 4 breast cancer seemed to be working, and we thought that she would be painting for many more years to come. Unfortunately, she succumbed to complications from the cancer.

Sherry's materials are top quality, and there are many original pieces of her art work of various sizes for sale. I am pricing everything low because I want artists and collectors to benefit, as Sherry would have wished.


We are offering a huge quantity of best-quality watercolor and acrylic paint, Arches paper, sketch pads, gesso, canvases, frames, pre-cut mats, brushes, art boards, backing, Yupo paper, fabric, cutting tools, art books, art DVDs, sleeves, mailers, boxes, lights, a drawing table, taborets, 2 flat files, a BEST Santa Fe II easel, a fold-up outdoor Jullian French easel… and much more.


Here are a few more details concerning the materials:

Frames of various sizes. Assembled, non-assembled, some with stretched canvas. Some in original packaging; Framing hardware including wire; Mats, precut, of various sizes; Canvases. Some in frames. Other in rolls; Many pieces of high quality paper used for testing. Can be used as underpainting or you can use the other side; Acrylic sheets; Brushes of all kinds, including camel hair; Finger paints; Transfer paper rolls; Textured papers of various  sizes; Paint palettes; Golden products of every sort! Plus many tubes of watercolor and acrylic paint; Pastel crayons; Ink pencils; Colored pencils; A lot of Paper including Arches 90 lb, 140 lb, and 300 lb 22x30 hot and cold press watercolor sheets; Furniture includes: 5-drawer oak flat file 40Wx28Dx21H; 5-drawer steel flat file 54Wx41Dx20H; Santa Fe II BEST easel; drawing table; overhead lights; Taborets; 2 fold-up easels for plein air or sketching outdoors.


We are also offering over 160 original paintings of various sizes for sale at very low prices. We want her paintings to go to good homes! Sizes vary from 22x30 to 4x6. The large sizes are mostly unframed. The smaller sizes are usually matted and sealed in pH neutral shrink wrap. As well as paintings, we are selling hundreds of Sherry’s high quality notecards, some hand-painted, suitable for framing. Great for your art collection or for gifts.

We expect a big turnout, and refreshments will be served. Sherry would be honored if you used her materials to create your own new art pieces. I hope you can attend.



October 15 & 16, 2016. 10 AM to 4 PM.

Address: 5535 N. Lak-A-Yucca Road, Tucson, AZ 85743. Picture Rocks area. Sandario and Manville. (520) 616-7643. Cash, local check. Credit cards can be used on PayPal website. No PayPal account needed. A computer connected to Sherry’s website will be available for payments.

"When I see a flicker in the eyes of my painting or feel the breath from the animal’s nostrils...


...I know it has taken on a life of its own."


   As an intuitive painter, my goal is to expose the animal's inner light, preferring feathers, hide and fur to skin, and yet there is a human quality to the creatures I paint—a look in the eyes, a turn of the head.

   I like to capture the moment when the bear, the mountain lion or the raven turns to me and our eyes meet. The recognition, the realization, that we are different species, and the same.

   Although my work is about texture, transparency, fluidity, and softness, it is also about a moment, a mood, an ephemeral feeling, and most of all, the animal's soul, its spirit, its divine being, and nature's pure and primitive power.

   The animals I paint often visit me. As my studio is on the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona, adjacent to Saguaro Park West, it's like living in the middle of the wilderness, and creatures sometimes peer in my windows.

   Self-taught, I have been drawing and painting since I was six, using watercolors, acrylics and mixed media. I love the southwest and I am humbled by the spirit animals that fill me with wonder.

   Please view my paintings by clicking on Animals Gallery or on the groups below of the animals I so cherish.

Bears   Big Horn Sheep   Birds   Bobcats   Buffalo   Burros   Cats   Cave Art   Cows   Coyotes   Deer   Horses   Jackrabbits   Jaguars   Javelina   Mountain Lions   Raccoons   Wolves