and Gicleé Prints

by Sherry Bryant



   Please click on the "Animals Gallery" button to find Sherry Bryant originals that are available for purchase.

   Click on "To enlarge, click here" and you will find information about the image size, medium and whether or not the painting is sold or available for purchase.

   Prices range from $1,000 to $3,000 for the large paintings and from $200 to $500 for small ones.

   If you would like Sherry to create a painting from your idea, please let us know and she would be happy to talk to you about it.

   Paintings are created on the highest quality archival watercolor paper or canvas. A Certificate of Authenticity is provided by the artist for insurance and valuation.

   Sherry's original paintings are in demand, dramatically increase in value, and are an excellent investment for admirers and collectors of her work.

   Please contact us for prices of paintings at (520) 616-7643 or email roscoe@SherryBryant.com.

Gicleé Print
of Original

   Gicleé prints are very high quality reproductions of the original. They are so good that even art dealers have difficulty telling the difference.

   Sherry works with a lab to produce exceptional same-size Gicleé prints of her original work. This requires her to go to the lab on at least 2 occasions to check the colors and quality of the work.

Same-Size Gicleé Print of Original Details
Image Dimensions:
approx 22"x30" or 
  30"x22" or larger
● Personally signed
  by artist and numbered
  on front
● Printed on archival
  watercolor paper or
● Certificate of
  Authenticity by the
● Certificate of Quality by
  the lab
● Limited Editions: only
  150 will be printed
Will last 100-200 years
Greatly increases in
● Price: depends on size and value of original
● Plus shipping, AZ
  resident sales tax

Increases in value

   Be aware that these extraordinarily detailed prints increase in value in a short period of time.

Production Time, Selection

   As they are expensive to produce, same-size Gicleés are individually handcrafted upon request and are not stocked. Production time is about 2 weeks.

   To select an image for same-size Gicleé production, please click on the "Animals Gallery" button, click to enlarge the image, read the details and then contact us to discuss production time, shipping and payment at (520) 616-7643 or email roscoe@SherryBryant.com.

Gicleé Gift Print


   All of Sherry’s Spirit Animals' paintings are available as personally signed Gicleé gift prints and you may purchase them on this website.

   Printed on 100% cotton archival watercolor paper, they make thoughtful gifts for the inexpensive price of just $38 each.




Gicleé Gift Print Details

Image Dimensions:
  approx 7"x9" or 9"x7"      
Paper Dimensions:
  8 1/2" x 11"        
Personally signed by the 
  artist on the front
● Printed on 100% cotton
   archival watercolor paper
Will last 100-200 years
Increases in value
Unlimited editions        
Price: $38 each
 ● Plus shipping, AZ resident
   sales tax


Increases in value

   As an added bonus, these exceptional prints increase in value over time.

Special Messages and inscriptions


   If you would like Sherry to add a message in addition to her name, please contact us and state what you would like her to write on the print. For instance, if your are giving the print as a birthday gift, you may wish her to write a special birthday greeting.



   To select prints, please click on the "Animals Gallery" button. Enlarge the image, read details and either contact us to pay by check or money order, or follow the directions for paying with your credit card on the "To Order" page.


There is no limit on the number or combination or different type of print images you may order.

Shipping Details
   We ship USPS First Class for 1 to 8 prints, and Priority Mail after that. But if ordering more than 12, please contact us for cheaper UPS or FedEx rates.  

Shipping Costs
$4.00    1-4 prints
$8.00    5-8 prints
$10.35  9-12 prints

Sales Tax
   Sales tax is paid by Arizona state residents only. 6.1% or $2.32 per print.

   To pay by check or money order, contact us directly at (520) 616-7643 or roscoe@SherryBryant.com to make arrangements.